Stacia Falce is President of NextLevel Benefit Rewards Consulting. NextLevel Consulting was founded to help organizations create comprehensive and cost-effective benefit programs that add value and a return on investment. Stacia distinguishes herself from other employee benefit brokers/consultants by providing turnkey solutions that assist organizations with the multiple challenges they face. Her experience and expertise includes designing and developing health and welfare plans, wellness initiatives, voluntary/supplemental plans, 401(k) and Deferred Compensation Plans, time off plans (vacation, paid sick, etc.), and leave of absence programs. Stacia also assists clients with regulatory compliance including the ACA, and offers end-to-end solutions through partnerships with HR, Ben Admin, and payroll system providers.

Stacia offers her help and support to small and mid-size businesses specific to their needs and situation. She does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead, creates plan designs that help businesses alleviate current and future cost pressures; are specific to the employee environment and health management needs; support the needs of the business; assist in recruiting and retention; and drive employee engagement. NextLevel occupies the employment benefits category.

Experience the difference.

Ideal Client:
Our ideal clients are small and mid-size businesses (50 – 1,500 employees). We have consulting solutions that are specifically designed to meet their challenges and needs. We can provide full support when they find they have too many top priorities but do not have the internal resources or manpower to manage them all; when headcount is limited and they cannot add additional full-time employees; or when a key internal employee benefits professional is on leave. We also provide consultative assistance to support internal resources, respond to questions, and offer guidance. We offer a top-down approach through benefit plan strategy development and broker services, or a bottom-up approach by being their interim independent employee benefits specialist.

Business Power Partners:
Technology companies that provide Ben Admin, HRIS, and/or payroll services and support, insurance brokers/consultants, HR consultants, mid-size wellness providers, executive or senior leadership coaches, business consultants, finance and accounting firms or consultants, audit firms, and 401(k) investment advisors/recordkeepers.

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