Beth Boen, The VOICE Customer Service Training – Beth is the founder and trainer for The VOICE Customer Service Training. Beth has had her customer service training company for 10 years. About three years ago, she added training in sales and marketing, as her extensive over 30-year background was also in those areas. Beth is currently pursuing clients for her customer service training.

Beth is married to Eric and has a son, Ethan who will be 12 this summer. Ethan is on the Autism Spectrum and when he is not in school, he is with Beth. So, you will likely meet him at our summer meetings sitting politely in the back of our meetings with his iPad and morning snacks. Beth Boen founded SHE as she wanted a leads group that understood the needs of mothers and supported professional moms in business. The VOICE Customer Service Training occupies the Corporate Trainer/Speaker category for sales, marketing, and customer service training, as well as the mystery shopping business category.

Ideal Client:
Varies by product and service. Downloadable, out-of-box training kit for $597 is for smaller companies without a big training budget. It includes up to two hours of phone consultation or editing time. Good for companies who want to conduct their own training with their employees and perhaps have an HR person who is capable of providing the training.

The in-person customer service workshops which can be out-of-box or customized start from $1497 to $2497. These companies want to bring in an outside, professional trainer. They have between 10 and 30 employees who will be going through the training. (Biggest group has been 60, smallest group has been 5 – average is 20) There is no one vertical targeted, but The VOICE Customer Service Training has experience in the healthcare industry, landscaping/home services, in-home care and assisted living, non-profit and cultural centers, call centers, in-bound sales centers, property management, athletic clubs, and advertising/media.

Business Power Partners:
Local Payroll and HR Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Business Consultants, PR Consultants, CPA’s, Business Attorneys, Sales Trainers/Coaches.

Contact Info:
303-981-1541 |