SHE Leads Group offers the following member benefits:

  • Member companies have category exclusivity in their chapter, and are allowed to occupy all the business categories that make sense for the company.

  • Business development training is provided at meetings, including various training on other ways to increase your company's profits.

  • Members receive a full-page profile for their chapter, which includes a written profile about the company, who their ideal client is, who their ideal referral partners are, head shot of member, company logo, phone number, and link to their company website.

  • Head shots are provided at no additional fee for members needing a head shot.

  • Members who want to share training with their chapter, are welcome to be training presenters.

  • Members can write approved guest blogs on the SHE Leads Group website with byline and link to their company website.

  • Members are included in their chapter rotation to be Member in the Spotlight for ten minute presentations.

  • Members with children who are their child's main caregiver, are allowed to bring their children to meetings when necessary.

If you would like to talk to an existing member of SHE Leads Group, feel free to contact them directly for a reference. Simply go to the members section of the chapter you are interested in joining.