Purpose: To ensure members are invested in the success of their chapter and committed to the chapter; to help cover expenses that contribute to their member benefits.

Scope: To be applied to all applicants.

Responsible Persons: SHE Leads Group Founder and Chapter Coordinator for enforcement, Members for contributing for dues.

Policy: We believe one’s investment in the group should be more about their time, than money. One can contribute to the group in a variety of ways, such as accepting one of the volunteer positions in each group to help run the chapter, donate meeting space for the chapter, provide in-kind donations to offset costs, or pay a small fee to help cover expenses of running their chapter. We also ask members to invite guests, show up for meetings, conduct one-on-one meetings on off meeting weeks, share their expertise to grow the group, and be educational presenters if they have learned something to grow their business.

Members can contribute “Membership Dues” in one of the following ways:

  • Hold one of three volunteer positions of the chapter (See Volunteer Chapter Positions).
  • Provide weekly meeting venue space at a consistent location at no charge to the chapter.
  • Provide in-kind donations to help cover costs of the chapter.
  • If one of the above is not met, pay a small fee to be a part of the chapter. (Discounted rates of $15 a month paid 6 months in advance, $150 per year paid in advance, or $25 a month paid month-to-month.)