Member Benefit

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No application or registration fee for annual memberships paid in advance.

Low cost membership fee. Start-up chapters are free until there are 7 members. One year annual membership is $195 paid in advance or $25 paid month-to-month via PayPal. See Membership Dues Policy.   X  
No extra charge for category exclusivity in multiple categories.   X  
Only 2 meetings a month to honor a woman's busy schedule.   X  
Only established businesses - we vet our applicants. SHE Leads Group does not allow start-ups, network marketing businesses (MLM's), or companies with a bad online reputation or BBB rating.   X  
Work on your business with valuable business development training at every meeting. Actionable training you can start using in your business that day.   X  

Well-behaved children allowed, when necessary, without being frowned upon

Dedicated web page for your business profile - include what you want. Viewable to the public and a back link to your website is provided.    X  
Free head shot for your business profile if you don't have one. It is an amateur head shot, but still quality!   X  
No extra charge for all-chapter socials and meetings with high-quality guest trainers who have specialized business development expertise.   X  
No eating meetings - we find room space where a meal purchase is not required. Additionally, SHE believes that restaurant eating meetings are a distraction and reduces our ability to be productive.   X  
No extra charge to advertise your networking events on the SHE Leads Group website.   X  
Be a guest blogger on any approved business topic with a back link to your website.   X  
Be a guest trainer on any approved business development topic with a back link to your website.   X  

Plus, member companies can visit other chapters as many times as they wish, as long as their business category is not taken in the chapter they are visiting. It is best to check with the Chapter Coordinator before visiting in case a new member has joined and there is a lapse of time to get the new member on the SHE Leads Group website directory for that chapter. See all our member benefits here.