The following Volunteer Chapter Positions should be held by persons who plan on being diligent with their meeting attendance, and have a warm, friendly, and professional demeanor. Holding one of the following three positions provides a complimentary membership into SHE Leads Group while holding the volunteer position. Holding a Volunteer Chapter Position also provides those members with more visibility to the chapter members.

Chapter Coordinator – The Chapter Coordinator will be responsible for running all the meetings, including lining up and confirming the business development training for each meeting, creating and maintaining at minimum a quarterly Member in the Spotlight schedule and Business Development Training schedule, communicating with the Chapter Secretary any changes to meeting agendas prior to one week prior to meetings. Additionally, the Chapter Coordinator will select a member to share a secret fun factoid ahead of each meeting. Chapter Coordinators will ensure the meeting venues have the necessary A/V equipment for the meeting presenters and arrive 10-15 minutes early to set-up for each meeting. They will also be responsible for starting and ending the meeting on time and staying on the agenda. Chapter Coordinators will also respond to applicants per the SHE Leads Group Policy and Procedure.

Chapter Secretary – The Chapter Secretary will be responsible for updating the website meeting calendar, confirming meeting rooms, sending an email reminder of the meeting the Friday before every meeting, and sending the after-meeting follow up email. Notes should include, thanks to presenters (especially if a guest trainer), specific asks that members make and business items that were discussed about the chapter. If the Chapter Secretary is not present, then the Chapter Coordinator will be responsible for this duty. The Chapter Secretary should let the Chapter Coordinator proof all emails before sending it out to the membership. This person is also responsible for using a timer to keep presenters on time. Inform presenters they will receive a wrap-up time warning (2 minutes for the Member in the Spotlight presentation and 5 minutes for trainer presentation). Additionally, the member will time the member 30-60 second commercials. If the Chapter Secretary is not present, then the Chapter Coordinator can ask another person to be time keeper or do it herself.

Membership Coordinator – The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for arriving no later than ten minutes prior to the start of every meeting to welcome all guests. Additionally, the Membership Coordinator will ask the guests before and after the meeting if they have any questions. At the end of each meeting the Membership Coordinator will ask guests if they want to be introduced to any of the members. Basically, the Membership Coordinator is responsible for being as helpful, friendly, and welcoming as possible. This should be a person who is a great listener and great at asking questions. Additionally, this positon is responsible for reaching out to every new member to welcome them. Offer to do a one-on-one with them promptly, remind them to get their information for their website profile to the SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen. Website profile includes Head shot, company logo, and written description the new member wants on the website, formatted like the existing member profiles.

Interested members seeking one of these volunteer positions should contact SHE Leads Founder, Beth Boen, or call 720-722-2494.