S.H.E. - Supporting Heart & Enterprise

A networking and leads group for professional women.

SHE Leads Group - Supporting Heart & Enterprise of the professional mom in business, mom want-to-be, and woman who appreciates moms. SHE Leads Group is a networking and leads group comprised of established, professional businesses with an existing clientele and network of resources. SHE has the goal of not only providing business development training, but also providing an avenue for quality leads and referrals for its members.

How Did SHE Begin?
Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group was walking with SHE Core Member, Jamie LaNear one cool, Spring morning. Jamie and Beth were talking about the challenges of finding a leads group that starts late enough in the morning so that they could still get their boys to school. Most leads meetings start prior to school drop-off. Beth and Jamie were also looking for a group that met in the morning to get their day started out on a positive note.

Beth recounted an experience in a previous leads group where she had been a fervent giver and lead passer. She had taken a hiatus one summer and decided once her son was back in school she would like to re-join. Since her business category was still open in that leads group, she asked to rejoin. There was a change in leadership and the new leader balked at Beth’s need to put her autistic son first during times when he was out of school. Beth and Jamie discussed how frustrating it is that often times professional women in business are not taken seriously, because their number one priority is being a mom. One can be a mom first, and still provide exceptional customer service and a top-quality product or service. That is when the idea of SHE was born.

Why Does SHE Exist?
SHE Leads Group exists to support established, professional moms in business who desire to take their sales and profits to the next level. SHE Leads Group supports professional women in business by providing business development training to moms, moms-to-be, mom want-to-be’s, and women who appreciate and accept that family comes first. SHE recognizes that professional moms in business have two full-time jobs, and being a part of such a supportive group can be an abundant benefit.