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Yet another leads group is starting up in Denver. So what makes it so different? SHE Leads Group focuses on helping moms in business, or moms in business development career roles. You need not be a mom to be in SHE Leads Group, you just have to appreciate moms. I am a mom of a 12 year old autistic son. I have to say, he is what motivated me to start something so different than any other leads group out there. It is different in many ways. My story begins with years of involvement in different leads organizations - from the large corporately owned ones, to little independent ones. I am a connector, so providing quality leads has never been a challenge for me. In fact in many of the leads groups I was a member, I was one of the top lead passers of quality leads. That brings me to the first difference. Read More...

What are your first impressions saying about your business?

First impressions have a major impact on how one’s professionalism, quality of work and customer service are viewed by others. Most of the time when we worry about our first impressions, we are thinking about our external customer or client. SHE Leads Group Members should think of what impact it also has on each other – being potential referral partners to one another.